Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football : A three-game winning streak propelled the Denver Broncos into the thick of the AFC playoff race. A two-game losing streak has probably knocked the Broncos out of the race when they take on the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football at 5:15 p.m. PT/8:15 p.m ET

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Monday Night Football
Broncos vs Raiders
Date : Monday, December 24
Start Time : 8:15 PM ET
Venue : Oakland Alameda Coliseum

Monday Night Football Live

The Broncos (6-8) lost to the Cleveland Browns in Week 15, with that loss coming after the Broncos losing to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 14. The Broncos back-to-back losses has once again elevated the heat on coach Vance Joseph.

The Raiders (3-11) fell back to Earth, losing to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 15 after staging an upset of the Pittsburgh Steelers the previous week. The game will be the home season finale for the Raiders, and may be the last game the Raiders play before they relocate to Las Vegas in 2020. The Raiders pulled their lease offer to play at the Oakland Coliseum in 2019 after the city of Oakland sued the team and the NFL for damages.

You can get the latest score and stats from the game in the box score provided above and here’s everything you need to know in order to watch the Raiders vs. Broncos game:

After a host of humdingers across recent Monday Night Football encounters, it appears the schedulers have come up humbug this Yuletide season. Indeed, the Denver Broncos at the Oakland Raiders is less Christmas cracker and more Boxing Day leftovers. And cold, soggy leftovers at that. Nevertheless, let’s see if we can stick some unsavoury remains in the oven and salvage a few serviceable sandwiches out of them.

At a time when the NFL’s elite are still jostling for play-off berths and seeding, these two lacklustre outfits are licking their narcissistic wounds and looking back with regret on campaigns of gross underachievement. Oakland just shades it for living down to expectations